Leave it to entrepreneurial Catholics to develop an automatic holy water dispenser to prevent the spread of swine flu. Cure H1N1, or at least prevent it! See a video and pictures of the holy water dispenser below.

holy water dispenser
Photo: Catholic Holy Water Dispenser

The device was developed for local parishes in Capriano and Fornaci di Briosco by an inventor named Luciano Marabese. These towns are located in the tech-savvy north of the country.

As a practicing Catholic and reformed Presbyterian, I’ve found a good number of priests and ministers overly obsess with germs. Christ taught us to embrace our neighbors, which is the scriptural basis for the “greeting” practiced in Christian churches each week.

And yet when it comes to really embracing our neighbors, our recoiling spiritual leaders don’t always practice what they preach. I knew a minister who refused to shake hands with anyone, sort of the Howie Mandel of the local church. And because of swine flu my own priest proclaimed that people should not hold hands during the Our Father this year. A fine custom thrown out the window with the bath water.

So it is no surprise to me that a local church in Capriano, Italy would develop a holy water dispenser designed to assure than your germs won’t ever mix with your neighbors. See more pictures of the holy water dispenser below, a unique swine flu cure for a faithful flock.

Put your hand under the tap and the holy water will miraculously fall due to an electronic sensor. A complicated system of pumps helps the water rise up to the top. Read more about this odd device here and here and here.

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Pictures: Holy Water Dispenser in Italy (Enlarge)

Video: Holy Water Dispenser, H1N1 Cure