You would have to live out in the deep woods somewhere to avoid the steady stream of war related news coming out of Iraq, and to a lesser extent Afghanistan, but it almost seems that the media – television and print – has forgotten – or maybe the are avoiding – the war that is raging right here at home. The war to preserve the American way of life.

Our country is being invaded by criminal aliens from the south, Islamic terrorists from the east, and those forces are being aided and abetted by thousands of anti-American subversives that are scattered across this great land of ours.

The criminal aliens are sneaking across our borders at a rate of about 1.5 million a year. They’re stealing our jobs, taking advantage of our medical services and facilities, over burdening our public schools, and flooding prison systems from coast to coast. But people turn a blind eye toward the Mexicans; after all, they aren’t blowing up buildings yet.

When we think about the Islamic terrorists, our thoughts automatically go back to September 11, 2001, but the events of that day were merely the end result of a single plan, perpetrated by a single group of individuals. Thanks largely in part in by the terrorists’ need to out do themselves, several more plans have been unraveled by various Government Agencies, but you can rest assured that many more devilish plans are in the works.

The Islamic terrorists are financing the construction of Mosques across this country in order to have a place from which they can regurgitate their venomous messages of hate and to recruit future terrorists. They use Muslim charities in order to fund Islamic militants and provide financial rewards to the families of homicide bombers. I find it both ironic and disturbing that the Islamic fascists are able to operate because they hide behind the religious freedoms that the United States Constitution affords them.

Our Constitution is the foundation upon which America was built, but it too has become increasingly under attack from those that would delight in the failure of our democracy. A democracy that I might add is becoming even more fragile with every courtroom decision rendered in order to appease special interest groups, and by every piece of legislation passed by our lawmakers that in order to circumvent the original intent of the Constitution.

Our society, as a whole, has been too tolerant of those individuals and organizations that have been working toward our destruction for far too long. Whether it’s the criminal aliens that have no respect for our immigration laws, the race and religion based groups that promote, encourage, and defend a host of illegal activities in order to advance their various causes, or large scale anti-American entities like the United Nations (that is nothing more than a seedling organization for an eventual one world government), they all contribute significantly to the de-evolution of our society as a whole.

We Americans can no longer afford to remain casual observers of our own demise.