Right Pundits is proud to be on the Marine Team for this year’s Valour-IT competition. Marine Team is the smallest of the four fundraising competition teams, however, we may be small but we are mighty! We have held the lead now in the fundraising competition for 3 days – in spite of the jealousy and childish behavior exhibited by the others!

mooning scarcrow

Marine Team mooned by Army!

Actually, the Valour-IT fundraising competition enjoys a lot of great camaraderie between the 4 teams: Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. We told you earlier about how the Zoomies were passing around rumors that the Marine team eats puppies, now Army is getting into the Halloween spirit by droppin’ trou and mooning us!

Team Army is led by Blackfive and has a goal of raising $250,000 dollars in order to help 250 wounded get the software they need and the laptop required. The Soldiers Angels VALOUR-IT goal is over a million dollars to help over 1,000 of our wounded warriors. So whether you donate to Army (bah!) or Marines, the good news is that all funds raised, by all four of the teams, go into the same Valour IT account and are used to assist any wounded service member in need of Valour IT’s support, regardless of his or her service branch.

Here’s the latest standings for the team competition:

Have you donated yet?

The Second Marine Division took this island because its men were willing to die. They kept on coming in the face of heavy defense, and though they paid the stiffest price in human life per square yard that was ever paid in the history of the Marine Corps, they won this main base in the Gilbert Islands in 76 hours.

Out of two battalions – 2,000 to 3,000 men – thrown onto the beach in the first assault at 0830, only a few hundred men escaped death or injury. Officer casualties were heavy. And still the Marines kept coming. The leathernecks died with one thought – to get there.

Sgt John Bushemi, “Yank” Staff Correspondent