Let’s suppose you make it to the age of 112; what’s your birthday wish? Here’s a man who got his. Ahmed Muhamed Dore, 112, marries 17 year old girl. That’s not even the best part; ole’ Ahmed wants to have kids with her too. He’s been pretty busy for an older guy, he already has 5 wives and 13 children.

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In the region of Galguduud a wedding took place; a fairytale love story if you will. Ahmed Muhamed Dore, 112 years young married 17 year old Safia Abdulleh. It was a match made in heaven. Did Ahmed see sparks fly, from the corner of his eye? When he turned was it love at first sight?

Ahmed reassures us all that he didn’t “force” young Safia to become his sixth wife; he used his experience to convince her of his love. If I were 112 years old I’d just be happy I wasn’t wearing diapers, let alone trolling for chicks. But not Ahmed Muhamed Dore, when it comes to 17 year old Safia, she’s the girl who gives him love like he’s never seen.

This marriage between the man in the “winter” of his life and the “spring” chick is the said to be the first of its kind in the horn of Africa in more than a century. What kind of marriage exactly?
Creepy. I guess the last time someone this old married a girl that young was probably when Larry King got married last. From the BBC:

Some people said while it was allowed under Islamic law, they were concerned about the age gap, but others were happy that age was not a barrier to love.

People here in the United States sometimes don’t look at age as a barrier to love either; it’s just that sometimes the jail cell acts as one for them. Ahmed Muhamed Dore says of his lovely bride, She’s everything I need, daddy says she’s too young, but she’s old enough for me.

And by the way, if you don’t believe Ahmed is really 112, he has a birth certificate written on goat skin. How are you going to fake that? Maybe Obama’s birth certificate is written on goat skin and that’s why he hasn’t produced it, he’s too embarrassed.

Yes, in reporting the story of Ahmed Muhamed Dore, 112, marrying 17 year old Safia Abdulleh, I did mix into the story some of the lyrics of the song “seventeen” by 80’s metal band “Winger”. Since I went through the trouble, could you at least humor me and watch the video?