Dude, just dude. Apparently a video which shows an American flag with graffiti is sponsored by a DNC health-care video contest is one of the 20 finalists. The contest is not only sponsored by the DNC but also by an Obama campaign arm, Organizing for America (is this guy ever not campaigning?).

I know we give you liberals a hard time for your lack of patriotism, anti-Americanism and your desire to see our military fail in order to get votes, but when you guys sponsor stuff like this, can you blame us? This is just too easy. Napoleon once said “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” and I’m inclined to agree with him here. As incompetent and useless as the RNC and Republican party is, the DNC is just woefully stupid to sponsor, and select as a finalist, a video that shows the flag being desecrated.

One contestant in the video contest probably said it the best when he complained that “defacing the flag” isn’t going to help convince Americans to roll over for Obamacare. It makes the Democrats look like a bunch of douche bags is what it does. Possibly the only thing they could do worse is create a video of someone urinating on a painting of Jesus Christ. I’ll guess they’ll just leave that to Larry David and HBO.

Keep up the good work Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the DNC. With your fine marketing of Obamacare you’ll set your movement back 30 years, which is just fine with me.

Here is the video if you can stomach it.

Flag Desecration.