Meet Ahmed Wali Karzai, who happens to be Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai’ brother – CIA payroll is the word, apparently for years stretching back into the early days of the Bush Administration and continuing to this day under Barack Obama. This is an open talk thread where you can comment about this topic of anything else.

Ahmed Wali Karzai brother cia

Although he is not technically classified as a CIA agent, Karzai’s brother has been paid for a variety of “services” according to reports. Those services include recruiting and training the paramilitary army which is operated by the CIA in southern Afghanistan.

Quite naturally he denies it.

The news is being reported on mainstream liberal news sites as if it were controversial or a problem of some kind. Clearly the CIA pays people all over the world to provide useful intelligence or services of this kind. That is good, and the higher the better. Those payments presumably go all the way up the ladder to various heads of states.

What is shocking about the story is that the Obama Administration outed Ahmed Wali Karzai. The public outing of a CIA operative undercuts his effectiveness, endangers his life, harms our troops, and devastates the CIA’s ability to recruit high-profile helpers in the future because of our loose lips.

There is a heated debate going on inside the Obama White House about the appropriateness of enlisting foreign services like Karzai’s brother. To end the debate someone high inside the White House outed Ahmed Wali Karzai as a CIA operative.

The reckless actions put the Valerie Plame incident in a new light. She wasn’t active in the field nor was her life in danger, yet the vice president’s chief of staff is serving jail time for his role in outing her. Who will pay the price for endangering real CIA sources like Karzai’s brother?

So who is Ahmed Wali Karzai? As a biography he is of course Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai’ brother, born in 1961 which makes him 48 years old and lucky to get so far having survived two assassination attempts. He represents Kandahar province as a member of the federal government. Rumors have been circulating for years that he is a “drug lord” in Afghanistan, a charge that he denies and apparently has no factual basis. Read more about him here.

Now watch the video report by a liberal news outlet which suggests there is something controversial about Hamid Karzai’s brother, CIA payroll benefactor and useful to the United States. Tell us what you think about Ahmed Wali Karzai or anything else on your mind.