One of Baltimore’s finest is in a little hot water after too much fun at the local Haunted House. Officer Eric Janik pulled his gun on an actor playing “Leatherface” of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. After the show was over, “Leatherface” thought it would be a good idea to try and scare Officer Eric Janik and his group one more time. Maybe not such a good idea.

Baltimore Police

Authorities say that Officer Janik pulled his service weapon and pointed it at the chest of Michael Morrison as he approached Janik and his daughter. Morrison reportedly dropped the chainsaw, smart move. Officer Eric Janik was charged with assault.

The Officer denies pointing the weapon at “Leatherface”, instead saying he pointed it towards the ground. Witnesses say that Janik appeared to be intoxicated. Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t attend Halloween Haunted Houses while drinking and packing heat.

Officer Janik has been with the Baltimore Police Department since 1995 and has been suspended without pay pending a formal hearing. No word as to whether or not “Leatherface” needed a change of underwear or if he’ll continue in his role as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer.

Now comes the million dollar question. If you were carrying a handgun, and “Leatherface” came at you, would you draw down on him? Or simply allow yourself to become part of that creepy mask he wears?

Baltimore Cop, Officer Eric Janik pulled his weapon, he obviously chose the former. We don’t know as of yet just how proud Officer Janik’s daughter is of him. I’m willing to bet she’s pretty proud of her policeman daddy who got drunk, took her to the haunted house and pulled his weapon on the main attraction.