The Soldiers Angels Valour-IT fundraising competition, which provides special laptops for wounded warriors, is really starting to get personal between the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine teams! Apparently the gloves are off and even though Air Force is – at this writing – in third place, they are a fine fighting machine. They’ve even accused the Marine Team of eating puppies!

marine baby eats puppies

Look, everyone on the planet knows that Marines are amazingly tough. But we love little puppies and would never eat them though I hear they taste a lot like chicken. Most certainly the Marine Team will be returning fire but in the meantime, we reluctantly think Air Force rocks!

As I’ve mentioned before, Valour-IT is a program that provides laptops with voice activated software to our wounded soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen recovering at military medical centers all across America. The annual fundraiser to support the program is from October 26 to November 11. This year, Right Pundits is a member of the Marine Team but we have a great appreciation for all of the branches. Check out this fun video produced by the Valour-IT Air Force team:

Isn’t that awesome? Besides the great fun in the blogasphere with Project Valour-IT, it is for such an important cause. For many wounded vets, the specially outfitted laptops provided by Soldiers Angels becomes that tangible reminder that they’re still part of the world outside Bethesda or Walter Reed hospitals. It also helps to remind them that there is life waiting for them even after being so seriously wounded.

If you are able to donate, please go here to give any amount to Project Valour IT Fundraiser’s Marine Corps Team. Every penny goes directly to wounded vets at military medical and VA treatment centers nationwide. And though you may be donating to Marine Team, all funds raised go into the same Valour IT account and are used to assist any wounded service member in need of Valour IT’s support, regardless of his or her service branch.

You can go here for a real-time giving thermometer to see how all 4 teams are doing in the competition. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!