Former Alaska Governor and political powerhouse Sarah Palin’s retainer was $1.25 million for ‘Going Rogue’, her memoir that will be on bookshelves on November 17, 2009. She received the advance from publisher Harper Collins and listed it in her 2009 financial disclosure that was filed on Monday with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

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Sarah Palin’s book skyrocketed to number one as soon as it was announced it was ready to be released. ‘Going Rogue’ is expected to sell so well that her opponents have done a parody of it with a similar cover titled ‘Going Rouge’, undoubtedly in hopes of cashing in on this ‘cash cow’ that IS Sarah Palin. They hate her, but they aren’t above trying to get as much money as they can from her.

Palin was required to disclose the amount of the advance she received because she was still governor when she received the book deal. She listed all income and gifts received during the last seven months of her governorship. Now that she is no longer governor, her financial and business dealings will not be available to the public.

The $1.25 million advance that Palin received is just the portion of the advance she received while she was governor. It is estimated that she received approximately $7 million as her total retainer for writing the book.

You can be sure that her enemies will begrudge her that, as they do anything she says or does. The fact that the main stream media and political operatives just can’t let go of Sarah Palin is a strong indication of the Palin Power. She scares them. And for good reason.

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The video below is of Rush Limbaugh discussing Sarah Palin and the reasons why her political enemies continue to attempt to demean and belittle her in any way they can. Sarah Palin’s retainer of $1.25 million for ‘Going Rogue’ is well deserved if for no other reason than that it gives the Washington insiders heartburn.

Rush Limbaugh on Sarah Palin’s Book – Video