The back of Penn State’s Cross-like t-shirt says, “Don’t be intimidated, it’s just me and 110,000 of my friends”. It may as well say, “Don’t be intimidated, it’s just the symbol of forgiveness and eternal life”. The Penn State’s cross-like t-shirt design has drawn complaints by folks saying that the design looks like the Christian Cross. So what? What if it does look like a cross?


The “white out” t-shirt is for students and fans to wear at Penn State home football games, to essentially “white out” the opposing teams fans, but it might be hard to do now that Penn State has received 6 complaints. Yeah, you read that right. A total of 6 complaints; it only takes one to stir up a hornets nest.

The Anti-Defamation League in Philadelphia happened to be one of those complaining about the Penn State Cross-like t-shirt design. I’m guessing some brainy college student who thinks that they’re too intelligent for God to exist, walked into the student bookstore, saw the shirt and called the Anti-Defamation League. The school newspaper is now involved as well; I’m guessing the same student turned them onto the shirt too.

If you take a look at the shirt, it’s really a non-issue. You have to be looking for something to complain about for there to actually be something to complain about. The Penn State cross-like design shirt has the word Penn State across the chest with a solid blue bar running straight down the middle.

The designer of the shirt told Fox News (Oh no, I wrote Fox News and Christian in the same post!) that the single blue bar on the shirt was based on the single blue stripe on the football teams helmet. If you have ever seen the Penn State helmet, it looks very much the same.

I’m a guy who has seen my share of crosses; and this one isn’t there. This is just another meaningless “cause” that a few liberals are clinging onto just to have something to argue about. Can’t the students at Penn State buy their t-shirts to wear to a football game without some political or religious controversy breaking out?

Please Anti-Defamation League and you other 5 complainers (although it’s sure to be more now, you know libs once they get started) let this one go. The Penn State Cross-like t-shirt design is not some subliminal way of converting a bunch of college kids to Christianity. I think they just like their football team.