So, is Sean Penn going to interview Fidel Castro? We might not want to hold our breath, despite rumors that have been flying around the intertubes that he may indeed be doing so. The rumor was that Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn had flown down to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro for Vanity Fair magazine.

Sean penn
Sean Penn

What we know is that both Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post funded the trip to Cuba. They claim the trip was for Penn to determine the impact of the Obama administration on the people of Cuba. Penn’s publicist are now saying that he is on a “fact finding” mission and not there to interview Castro.

First of all, no one would be surprised if Penn was going to interview this hero. Penn has an obvious obsession for anything anti-American, including Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro as you can see from the video below:

Second, why would anyone send Sean freaking Penn, star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, on a fact finding mission for anything? Is he a trained journalist that has the ability to gauge the populace of Cuba? Does he have any international credibility as a diplomat or a journalist/investigative reporter? No, he has none of these things, he’s just a someone who is famous and happens to support revolutionary dictators that obviously hate America. Doesn’t he understand that even if Castro were to grant an interview it would only be for the propaganda purposes to be used against America? Of course he doesn’t realize that, nor does he probably care.

I hate to engage in hyperbole (actually I don’t) but how can someone who has gone to Iran, Venezuela and Cuba honestly think that the people who live under the rule of these thugocracies are some how better off? Is he just willfully delusional or just a moron. Hey Spicoli, what are you people, on dope?!

Photo Source; Seher Sikandar