In England, weighing 23-stone (329 lbs.) an obese mother’s newborn baby was taken by social workers; the remaining children at home have been removed from the home as well. Social workers were afraid that the children may become obese as well. Yeah, doesn’t really sound like a good reason to me either.

La monstrua desnuda  1680   de Juan Carre  o de Miranda.

The obese mother, 40 years old and the 54 year old father are devastated that their children have been taken from them for no other reason than their combined weight of about 574 lbs. Social workers removed the child from the hospital, they never even got to bring her home.

Two of their children have already been placed in foster care while the parents, whose names have not been released, battle the nightmarish hell of having the government come in and “relieve” you of your parenting duties. Social workers had warned the parents that their children might be taken if they didn’t lose weight and change their horrible ways; being fat that is.

I’m mortified at the thought of a government entity, any government entity, telling anyone that they’re too fat to raise kids. Imagine being a mother or father who have just given birth and before you leave the hospital with your bundle of joy, some government bureaucrat comes in an tells you the child won’t be leaving with you. Not because you’re unfit, not because you’re a child molester, not because you’re a criminal of some kind, but because you’re an obese mother who weighs 23-stone. From the Scottish Daily Record:

“She signed herself out of the hospital straight away so she could go home and grieve with what is left with her family.

“She has no idea what to do next. The family feel that they have done enough to help their kids and try to keep their weight down.
“They love their kids so much and this is a mother’s worst nightmare.”

People, there is no defense for this; you simply couldn’t have a rational argument that would make this instance of government interference okay. A 23-stone obese mother’s newborn is taken; she is under assault in the UK, but don’t think something like this couldn’t happen here. Obese people are a liberal government target. In case you didn’t remember we have a big liberal government pushing government healthcare. Think they won’t be telling you to lose weight before you have a baby? Think again.