All you potty mouths out there beware; 43 year old Mike Shahrokhi could be thrown in jail for F-bomb slurs he allegedly fired another man’s way. Actually he’s facing disorderly conduct charges in Overland Park, Kansas. I thought Kansas was full of nice polite people?

Fat man

Mike Shahrokhi says that he was involved in an incident of road rage with another driver that went on for several miles. As he stopped for a drink, presumably thirsty from road ragin’, the other driver followed him to the store and continued yelling at him. That’s when Shahrokhi had a few choice words for the other man.

The defendant Mike Shahrokhi admits that he pulled up to the other man and told him that he had sex with his daughter (F-bomb) from behind and she liked it. That’s when Mike Nolen called the police; he was given a ticket for disorderly conduct and could be thrown in jail for F-bomb comments made during the altercation. He faces a possible 30 days in jail.

Police say it isn’t just the F-bomb that may land him in jail but “a string of things” that prompted the “victim” to push for jail time. Mike Nolen the “victim” in this case was asked by local reporters if it was worth the trouble to try and have Mike Shahrokhi thrown in jail for F-bomb slurs; he said it was, if he doesn’t stop him he’ll continue to do it was his reply. What a hero.

Anybody else think Mike Nolen should have just punched the guy in the mouth? Anyway, the Overland Park, Kansas statutes say that disorderly conduct includes using offensive, abusive or obscene language. I suppose this meets the criteria.

Mike Shahrokhi is shocked that he could be thrown in jail for F-bomb insults, but in this day and time nothing shocks me. This is a warning, especially to you Micky, go easy on the F-bombs.