MSNBC’s resident lackey Chris Matthews showed real journalistic integrity on his show when he said speaking of Vice-President Dick Cheney, “What g*d d*mn award are they giving these guys?” Matthews was going through his usual invectives about all things conservative when the subject switched to Dick Cheney. Okay Chris, we got it, you don’t like Cheney.

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Vice President Dick Cheney or truth speaker, as I like to call him, was receiving The Keeper of the Flame Award presented by Center for Security Policy. This award was given in recognition of Cheney’s contributions to National Security during his 8 years in office.

Chris Matthews went on a slobbering diatribe about Cheney and Scooter Libby; asking a liberal columnist in the wiseass way that could only be pulled off by Chris Matthews. “What g*d d*mn award are they giving these guys?” He continued trying to make his case, spouting the ridiculous notion that everything Cheney predicted was wrong, he got us into a war for the wrong reasons, blah, blah, blah. From the video:

Let’s go back to David Corn. David, do you think Dick Cheney is weirdly helping Barack Obama, perhaps against his will? He comes back with a black tie on, a tuxedo, he and Scooter Libby both celebrating their latest trophies they got from one of these right-wing front groups. Celebrating what?

He went on to say:

People hate you, and they give you–wear your black tie tonight—and make sure you’re in a mood to receive an award. What G–D— award—I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it. What award are they giving these guys? And what for?

Well for starters Chris for helping to keep your sniveling, liberal, potty mouth safe for the last 8 years. People hate you? Chris just because radical liberals like yourself hate Dick Cheney doesn’t mean Dick Cheney is hated. He probably wears it as a badge of honor.

That’s funny Chris, “What award are they giving these guys? And What for?” That’s the same thing all of us regular folks say every time you and your journalist buddies get together and give each other some meaningless award.

If the tingle up his leg didn’t do it, Chris Matthews “What G*d D*mn award” should definitely seal the deal for ole’ Chris. His award? Most pathetic political hack impersonating a journalist.

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