And other random thoughts of the day.

Even though it is not unprecedented for a former President to hold an elected position in Congress (see John Quincy Adams), there is very little chance of Clinton accepting that position based on the simple fact that he would be referred to as “the junior Senator from New York”. His ego will not allow that.

Why are we not having a national initiative stating that 50% of all automobiles sold in the US by 2017 be hybrids and that we have fully functional hydrogen cars by 2020? For me the environment is not the issue here. It would just be really, really nice to be able to stick our collective middle fingers out to the nice friendly dictators of the middle east and tell them to go straight to Hell. Keep your freakin oil. We don’t need it anymore.

Add the oil lobbyists to my list for the same reason. I am tired of funding both sides of the WOT.

Now that Obama is gaining serious traction, we can expect more hit pieces like the LA Times article last week. I wonder how that quitting smoking thing is going for him? I can just picture Tim Russert smelling Obama before a get depressed interview.

Will the 2008 Hilliary resemble the aristocratic snob in 1993 who felt as though divulging her health care to the little people was beneath her? Just wondering.

With the exception of Camile Paglia, is anyone excited by Mitt Romney’s candidancy?

I am sure that Courtney Friel’s journalistic credentials are impeccable and she was hired by FNC on that basis alone. In the shallow existence of my world, if you look like this, it just doesn’t matter.

Admit it. You agree with me. So does Bill Clinton. I’ll bet he even overlooks his hatred of Fox News if she agrees to an exclusive. I am just kidding!

Whatever happened to the kid from “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”?