I’ve heard of whacky Homeowners Association rules but this is ridiculous. 6-year old Kimberly Broffman lives with her grandparents, but maybe not for much longer. You see, she’s in danger of being evicted because the homeowners association in Largo, Florida has requested it. Talk about heartless.

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Judie and Jimmy Stottler live in a 55 and over community in Largo, Florida. Back in 2004 their daughter and then baby Kimberly came to live with them after a home invasion and assault. Later, the mother of Kimberly Broffman went back to her old lifestyle which included drugs. The Stottlers made the tough choice to send their daughter packing and care for young Kimberly.

Two years ago, the homeowners association, which manages their 55 and over community summoned the Stottlers to court; they wanted Kimberly Broffman evicted. The bylaws of the community state that a child may not live in the community for more than 60 days a year.

The Stottlers have no other recourse; they’ve been trying to sell their home to no avail. The asking price of their home has fallen some $20,000 dollars while the recession drags on. Kimberly Broffman would be remanded to a foster home, splitting the family up.

Yes, rules are rules. But a 6-year old evicted? Thrown out into the street because you only want those 55 and older living there? Whatever happened to compassion? Whatever happened to common sense for crying out loud?

The Stottlers have been through a lot from the sound of it. Why not cut them some slack. The homeowners association would no doubt say they have. After all, they graciously allowed the Stottlers 18 months to sell their home and get the little 6-year old hellion out. How generous.

What does 6-year old Kimberly Broffman think about all of this? From the St. Pete Times:

In her own 6-year-old way, Kimberly agrees. From the top of her pink bunk bed, in a room strewn with stuffed bears and plastic toys, she speaks her mind after a shy stretch of silence.

“This,” she said, “is my home.”

That about sums it up, don’t you think? What the court system and homeowners association can’t figure out, 6-year old Kimberly Broffman can.