A new study claims that most pet owners would perform CPR on pets: 58 percent say yes. So says a new poll by a website called petside.com which was sponsored by the Associated Press. See the how to video and view disturbing photos about mouth to mouth resuscitation of your pet.

pet cpr

As a libertarian I have to ask what’s in it for me? Nothing that I can think of so count me in the minority on this question, well out of the 58 percent. You are all nuts. Where do you stand on mouth to mouth resuscitation of your furry friends? This is a Right Pundits Open Talk thread so you can answer that question or talk about anything else you like.

Interestingly dog owners love their pets more than cat owners. Fully 63 percent of dog owners would perform CPR on their pets, while only 53 percent of cat owners would throw their mouths over their feline friends. Read more here.

More women than men would do the nasty but that isn’t surprising. Women seem more biologically prone to kiss ugly people than men. Where is the study on that?

Although most pet owners are willing to be firemen for their pets, very few are prepared for pet emergencies in their home. A small minority have pet first aid kits in their home, whatever that might be. Imagine pulling a bandaid off Fido’s ass? Always prepared, the White House does have a first aid kit for dogs, and I’m not talking about Michelle’s medicine cabinet.

So most pet owners would perform CPR on a pet, 58 percent of you to be sure. Go figure. Now tell us what you think after viewing the instructional video.