Here is the video of Senator Lamar Alexander’s speech on the Senate floor, October 21st 2009. In it he compares Barack Obama’s White House operation to his experience in the Nixon White House. A White House enemies List? An Obama enemies list? See the video here, read the full text, and tell us what you think.

white house enemies listobama enemies list

After the speech, Senator Judd Gregg added a new word to the lexicon. He accused Obama of “Nixifying” or “Nixonfying” the White House.

The Obama Nixon comparison is chilling. Some of us are old enough to remember how Richard Nixon attempted intimidating both real and imagined political opponents. The Obama White House appears to have a similarly entrenched and possibly paranoid view of the world around us.

One case in point is Obama’s silly obsession with Fox News. In the Nixon tapes we are left historically with a smoking gun. In their rookie wisdom, a corrupt administration tried to cut off the New York Times from access to governmental resources. The same has happened in the Obama White House but we do not have the Obama tapes yet. There is a concerted effort underway to deny media access to administration officials, who incidentally are all taxpayer funded positions.

In speaking of a White House Enemies List, Lamar Alexander does not stop with the assault on American’s most watched news source. The Obama Nixon connection goes deeper than targeting the news, according to Senator Alexander.

He accuses Barack Obama’s hard left administration of continuing to disrupt capitalism generally by engaging in a full-throttle assault on American’s most respected business collaborative, the US Chamber of Commerce. Long respected in Washington for remaining politically neutral, the Chamber has come under a sustained attack from all levels of the Obama White House since their opposition to socialist health care changes proposed by Obama.

Continuing the Obama enemies list comparison with Nixon’s, Alexander reminds us of the closest thing we have to a smoking gun conspiracy. Several months ago, Obama himself responded to a reporter’s question that he was indeed “taking names” of Americans who opposed the automobile bailout that were thrust on our children’s backs.

See the YouTube video and tell us your own thoughts. Meanwhile you can go here to read the remarks in their entirety.

Does anyone remember the Nixon Enemies List? Who would be on an Obama Enemies List? Is Anyone amused by the term “Nixifying”? Now listen to Lamar Alexander’s speech below.