And other random thoughts of the day.

I honestly thought Rummy was about 20 years ahead of his time with his “light imprint” military strategy. Most are guilty of fighting the previous war. Rummy is guilty of the opposite – he fought the next war.

I miss Donald Rumsfeld. His interaction with the press was laced with humor and knowledge. He was entertaining even if he was very often wrong. In contrast, listening to Gates is like double dosing on Benadryl. I would give a lot of money to charity to have one night out with Rummy where he could say anything. Imagine him at Sullivan’s after a couple of Lemon Drop Martini’s?

Does anyone remember the movie Freebee and The Bean? I didn’t think so.

I saw an interesting show on CNBC today about how American Airlines is saving a ton of money by removing unnecessary weight from their planes. I guess Al Gore won’t be able to fly American anymore. Hey Al, look on the bright side. You will be helping to save the planet.

Read Dick Polman’s commentary in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday edition for the skinny on John McCain’s numerous flip flops.

How can you not love Vanessa Marcil?

Even if you are a woman, could you really, truly resist her? The answer, if your married is yes! No one should be able to make a person be unfaithful. I don’t interpret that as meaning that I have to forgo enjoying the view.

Read Will Ferguson’s “Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw”. Good stuff.

Local Philadelphia alert – John Street was arrested. Yawn.

I know that I am a shallow person to have this thought, but am I the only who is scared by the fact that the Russian military will be 50% muslim within 10 years?

Does Joe Biden make an agreement with some power in the Democratic party, that for several months prior to the election season really starting, he will be the provider of comic relief?

Have you ever noticed that Biden ends a lot of sentences with the phrase, “I am not being facetious”?