A new undercover video has been released to the public regarding the ACORN corruption scandal. This one is released with another video detailing the differences between ACORN’s defense of the other videos and the reality of the O’Keefe, Giles Philadelphia video released. To say that ACORN lies are exposed (again!) is an understatement.

Obama mckrystal cartoon

The story of undercover journalist exposing the corruption and lies of Obama’s community organizing organization ACORN has made big news for a little while now. First there were the videos, then there was the defense of the indefensible. Finally, there were the attacks and defaming of the two conservative activist who made the videos, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles.

Media Matters for America has apparently been more than happy to take up the cause of smearing O’Keefe and Giles. The character assassinations of the two don’t have to do with them being liars and cheats, it has to do with them exposing liars and cheats. How dare they?!?! When it comes to the associations of this White House, it seems that power, connections and ‘what can you do for me’ are what matters. Honor, integrity and basic Judeo-Christian values are not even on the radar.

In other words, as it’s been said many times, Chicago politics is alive and well on a national level these days.

The defense of the corruption in ACORN was based on the allegation that ALL the offices the two investigative journalist visited weren’t corrupt. Media Matters aired a video of the director of the Philadelphia office. Katherine Conway-Russell, in which she claims she kicked the two out of her office and called the police. She goes on to say they weren’t dressed in an inappropriate matter and never asked about prostitution. If that is the case then why’d she kick them out of her office and call the police? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. The inconsistencies in her statements are irrelevant. We know they are corrupt. The video released today proves that Ms. Conway-Russell, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, Media Matters, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer and a whole lot of other folks are going to have a lot of ‘splaining to do.

Big Government has a whole lot more on the background and media deceptions. They and will air the full unedited undercover video later today. Meanwhile, Andrew Breitbart has released an edited version of the video that shows Giles and O’Keefe in the Philadelphia ACORN office interspersed with the frenzied media assertions that there was no wrong doing when the two visited the office in Philadelphia.

What concerns me is not so much that ACORN is corrupt, I think that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. It bothers me that people won’t care. Their defenders will continue to defend them because it’s in their own best interest to do so. ACORN wields power and delivers votes for democrats. They intimidate detractors. They are the enforcers. The people who aren’t their defenders will have a ‘got cha’ moment and then ACORN will either go back to business as usual or another group will come in to replace them.

We seem to have been reduced to a government that depends on bullying, threats and intimidation to get their politicians in office and their policies enacted. Kind of like the old Soviet Union or a banana republic. We aren’t guided by values and a sense of destiny anymore, but rather by fear and hunger for power and wealth. That is the real problem.

This particular brand of politician and ‘reporters’ don’t really understand the American mentality. If history is any indication, in the final analysis, the American people will not and can not be intimidated. My hope is that continues to hold true.

ACORN Lies Exposed (Again) – Video