Long time Kansas City Chiefs fan and successful auto dealership owner Mark Muller says that he’s boycotting the NFL. What’s the reason you ask? Muller says the NFL’s treatment of Rush Limbaugh was disgraceful, so now what was once a passion of his (NFL football) is no longer.

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Muller attributes his success as a business owner to Rush who he found on the radio dial by mistake. A CNS News story tells of how Mark Muller, spending countless hours on the road, heard Limbaugh telling America (as he does most days) that “you can do anything you want, you’re an American”.

Muller says in the story by CNS that the silence by the NFL was deafening, it’s a disgrace that Rush was hung out to dry by an organization that he (Rush) has spent so much time propping up and promoting.

Mark Muller also said that Rush is the reason he was ever interested in football. He tells of how he heard Limbaugh talk about the NFL being an example of the greatness of America. From that point on, he became a season ticket holder of the Kansas City Chiefs, using tickets and game days to further his business relationships. From CNS News:

“They’ve ruined it,” Muller said. “How could you take something so pure as football and ruin it? The reason I went to my first NFL game is because of listening to Rush Limbaugh talk about how great the NFL is.”

Mark Muller is the President of Max Motors in Kansas City Missouri; he’s been in the media spotlight before, a few months back, Muller was giving away AK-47’s with the purchase of any new truck. Wonder how many more Mark Muller’s there are out there that will drop their NFL season tickets and boycott the NFL.

Perhaps the NFL didn’t really think through the implications of following the “politically correct” route?

A man like Mark Muller, successful business man with a passion for the game to boot, would no doubt spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on the NFL. There are more Mark Muller’s out there who probably spend more and feel the same way he does; not to mention all of the “little guys” out there who will boycott the NFL in their own way. I look for the NFL to take a financial hit, not that they’ll admit it.

On a tip from Reader Ed Duval