There is so much going on in the world these days that it’s good to know that American culture is still just as base, shallow and degenerate as it has always been. We need a little debauchery to give us a sense of continuity when all things around us are feeling out of control. Don’t fret, we are here to keep you grounded! That’s why it’s important that we report on Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s every move.

meghanlicious humor
Photo courtesy of Little Miss Attila

It all started with Meghan McCain the other day. Well, that’s probably not where it ALL started, but the latest onslaught of boobie blogging seems to have started there. You see, she posted a rather provocative photo of herself on twitter. She captioned the photo as a picture of her staying home for the evening. In the photo, her cleavage is holding up her chin and she’s holding up a copy of Andy Warhol backwards. Not really backwards. I’m just kidding. It’s in the mirror. She got upset cause everyone and their brother was posting the photo and making comments about it. AS IF!!! Surely, you don’t expect that when you post a picture of yourself like that on the internet. ANYWAY, she went into a snit and took the picture down. Thankfully, there are plenty of people who posted it and you are welcome to view it in any number of places including here.

You know that we have always had the utmost respect for Ms. McCain. That’s why we refrained from posting the picture. We DID, however, post a picture of our good friend Little Miss Attila doing her best Meghan imitation. It’s like totally awesome. We like it cause you can get a sense of the whole aura of the vibes the whole McCain pic thing was putting out. Now, that’s hot. We really appreciate Ms Attila’s efforts seeing as Right Pundit’s women don’t push their boobs up into cameras for pictures to post on the blog. Not so far anyway.

Okay, so the whole Meghan McCain boobie blogging thing is old news now – unless she finds a way to keep it in the news. Until then, we have moved on to an Elisabeth Hasselbeck slip. We are keeping it classy folks. I know, you don’t want to READ about it, you want to know where you can see the picture. Pervs. There’s not one unless someone on her family list decides to share it on the internet. She just talked about it on The View. She took a picture of her baby just after breastfeeding and the picture had her girls in it. She sent it out to everyone on her family list and whoops!

Here’s some more news and items of interest ….

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Here is the video of Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about her little slip on The View. Okay, that’s all the blogging at Right Pundits for today. Enjoy.