Today Afghanistan Elections were Voided by the UN. A United Nations independent election monitoring group voided the results of the Afghanistan national elections which had declared incumbent Hamid Karzai winner and President of Afghanistan. This ruling should cause a run-off election between Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah (I wonder if that is like Duran Duran in Afghanistan).

Hamid Karzai

The only problem is that a separate “independent” election monitoring group, which just happens to be dominated by Karzai cronies, found that the election was legitimate. So, this could provoke a crisis in which Karzai refuses the UN results and a run-off election, throwing the whole election process into shambles.

The dirty little secret here is that the U.S. has propped Karzai up as the good-guy, champion of Democracy and Freedom, savior of all Afghanistan. In actuality this guy is pretty much as bad as the rest of the crooks in that country. The fact that so many votes were declared fraudulent doesn’t surprise me in the least. Hamid Karzai comes from a family of questionable character to say the least. One brother, Ahmed Karzai, has been accused by some American officials of being one of the largest Heroin kingpins in Afghanistan, which supplies 90% of the world’s opium. His other brother, Mahmoud Karzai, is called the “Minister of Deals.” He is probably the wealthiest man in Afghanistan and any business deal that goes down usually goes through him. It’s good to be the king (or the brother to the king)!

My point is that the whole family is involved in some questionable activities at best, down right Escobarian activities at worst. There is massive fraud, gangsterism and cronyism going on that it is not surprising in the least that the UN (the second most corrupt body in the world) has declared the entire election fraudulent. It might be true that Karzai is the best of a group of people who are all bad, but that isn’t really how he is painted in the media here. The question I have is does ACORN have an Afghan branch? That might explain what happened.

Photo Source: Harald Dettenborn