In Atlanta, Georgia, predominately African-American and male, a Morehouse College cross-dressing ban has some students up in arms, saying that the school is infringing on their freedom of expression. Just for the record, I think it’s pretty sad that a school would even have to include cross-dressing in its dress code.


Morehouse College in Atlanta has instituted a crackdown on what it calls inappropriate attire. This includes wearing hats in buildings, pajamas in public, do-rags, baggy or sagging pants, sunglasses in class and going barefoot to class.

Morehouse officials say that cross-dressing is also included in the new crackdown on attire. Apparently there are a handful of gay students who feel it necessary to dress in women’s clothes, including high-heels, makeup, and carrying purses. The Morehouse College cross-dressing ban prohibits this kind of dress.

The Vice-President for Student Services Dr. William Bynum, said that before implementing the cross-dressing ban, he met with the schools gay organization to review the policy.

First things first; Morehouse is an all male college, so technically cross-dressing should be banned just simply on that basis. It has nothing to do with the students sexuality at all. And I could see how cross-dressing could in fact distract from the learning environment.

Kids have lost quite a bit of respect in society today, and they show it by the way they dress. I like jeans as much as the next guy, but wearing jeans so saggy and baggy that your underwear are the major part of your dress is completely inappropriate in any setting, including a college campus.

Pajamas in public? Do I need to even comment on this? Going barefoot? You can afford to attend a prestigious college like Morehouse and you can’t find a pair of shoes to put on before you traipse across campus?

Dress codes are not meant to stifle freedom of expression; the Morehouse College cross-dressing ban is meant for the students to take pride in their school and become part of its rich heritage which includes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s doubtful that he wore baggy pants and high heels while he was there.