Kansas Republican State Legislator Bill Otto has re-posted his video “Redneck Rap” criticizing President Barack Obama. Otto had originally posted the video last month but his daughters pulled the video after he had been called a racist. Imagine that. In the beginning of the video, which you can see below, Bill Otto, Ozark-American explains what he means by the term “the other dark meat”.

otto bill

In the “redneck rap” video, Bill Otto wears a white hat on which is written the fact that opossum is the other dark meat. Now, I’ve never actually eaten possum before, but you can tell that it would be most likely greasy and dark. That being said, critics are saying that Otto was in some way referring to President Barack Obama.

Otto says that he is not a racist and that he was not criticizing Obama as much as he was criticizing Congress and the congressional democrats. I will say that perhaps Bill Otto picked the wrong hat to wear in criticizing Barack Obama, especially given the political climate these days. Any criticism of Obama is deemed to be racist; wearing a hat that says “opossum is the other dark meat” was probably poor judgment if nothing else.

A self proclaimed Ozark-American, Bill Otto explains in the new opening to the video that the white hat which explains that “opossum is the other dark meat” is simply a play on words from the “Beverly Hillbillies” from years ago.

Mr. Otto is an American who not only is an elected representative but a man proud of his heritage; it’s hard to watch the video and feel that this guy is anything but sincere. Bill Otto may have picked the wrong hat, but his message is clear to Obama and to Congress. Quit spending money you don’t have.

If you can watch Bill Otto’s redneck rap and still feel that he’s a racist, I’m not sure you could be convinced otherwise. Opponents of Barack Obama simply don’t like his policies. We all just have different ways of expressing it.