Seems that some enterprising person out there used their brain and designed an illegal alien Halloween costume; controversy has ensued of course, some people who lack a sense of humor find it offensive. Why not? Everything else is deemed offensive if it’s on the wrong side of the politically correct fence.

Halloween card mirror 1904

We found this story from a local NBC station in Los Angeles, in their write up of the illegal alien Halloween costume they call it “tasteless”. It’s simply an alien wearing an orange jumpsuit holding a green card with the term illegal alien plastered across the chest. What’s so tasteless about that? If you really want to see a tasteless costume click here.From NBC LA:

It’s “distasteful, mean-spirited and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform,” says Angelica Salas.

That argument might hold water if I were to dress up as a Hispanic gang member, say I belong to MS-13 and have the words illegal alien on my chest, but how exactly is a fake alien from outer space mean-spirited? Unless liberals think that we’re being particularly hard on aliens from other galaxies.

Social stigmas? Last time I talked to an alien he told me nothing about the social stigmas that he faces while visiting our lovely little planet. What is this really, just another illustration of the complete lack of humor on the side of the left. It doesn’t matter what issue, you can’t inject humor into the debate without some whiny liberal complaining about social stigmas or being racist of some kind. (Just look at how they turned Rush’s humor around on him.)

Another human rights group, this one out of Los Angeles, The Coalition for Human Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles has asked Target to remove the costume from their website. In proper politically correct fashion, Target said they had never intended to put the costume on their site to begin with; it made it there by mistake. Sure it did.

Oh well, the illegal alien Halloween costume despite the controversy is sure to be a hit this Halloween. And by the way, is there a coalition for non-human immigrants? If there’s not there should be, it’s only the politically correct thing to do.