Let me start this post by saying right off the bat that I’m not a car guy. That being said, a car that runs on urine may be the invention of the century. Okay, the Mazda CX-7 doesn’t run on actual urine, but what it does run on is a combination of urea and water that is very similar to human urine. The mixture is called AdBlue.


Basically how it works is the urea based liquid, or urine is injected into the car’s exhaust system which reduces the harmful emissions by turning them into water and nitrogen. Sound good so far? The AdBlue mixture costs about $140 dollars per refill and needs to be filled every 12,500 miles.

If the AdBlue or urine mixture falls below a certain level, the Mazda CX-7 will drop its maximum speed to remind you that you need more urine. If of course you’re tank is completely void of urine, the car won’t start, so you’re stuck.

Now like I said, the Mazda CX-7 doesn’t run on actual urine, but tell me the wacko environmentalists aren’t trying to make actual urine an actual fuel. This is an alternative fuel that I could get on board with.

Think about it; how many times a day do you relieve yourself?
All you need to do is maybe keep some old milk jugs lying around, you know because you’re already recycling to save the planet. Pee in the jugs and every couple of days dump them in the tank of your car. Who needs gas stations or rest stops? We could have refilling stops.

Think about how great that would be; it would cut travel time on trips down by a great deal. Usually when you’re taking a trip you have to stop to eat, stop to refuel, stop to urinate.

By my calculations, a car that runs on urine would cut travel time by 33%. That alone is worth the urine car. But then again what about the odor? Oh well, we’ll live that for another day and another world crisis.