Okay okay, one final birther story. Unfortunately for the true believers your leader, Orly Taitz, was fined $20,000 for mis-use of the legal system. Justice Clay Land wrote a 43 page order railing against Ms. Taitz and warned her against misusing the court system to push purely political agendas. You can read the order here (it’s pretty scathing).

For any who are not familiar with Orly Taitz, she is one of the leaders of the so-called birther movement who has sought to have the legitimacy of President Obama’s election over-turned through the claim that he never provided a true birth certificate and that he was actually not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya (or some variation on that general theory).

Not one to give up, Taitz has kept her fight up to this day, filing lawsuits and generally hectoring Obama with these claims in any way she can. Judge Land just had enough apparently. He said the $20,000 fine is “a deterrent to prevent future misconduct and to protect the integrity of the court.”

Here’s the thing, basically the first thing they taught us in law school was Rule 11 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. Under Rule 11 lawyers may not engage in frivolous actions, waste the courts time or mis- use legal proceedings simply to annoy people. I think it was arguable that after the first birther suit got thrown out of court before Obama was even nominated the question was settled. To have kept up in this manner for nearly a year after he was elected is just beyond crazy.

Hey Taitz, you lost, move on! You can’t go around accusing Presidents of not being citizens without some real proof, and that’s exactly what you have, a lack of proof. Move on with your life!

Of course she won’t. The birthers are the Right’s version of the truthers on the left. These people don’t know the meaning of quit. 50 years from now I’m sure of 3 things: 1) People will still think there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, 2)People will think there was a conspiracy and Bush was some how involved in 9/11, 3)People will still think Obama was really born in Kenya and not a citizen of the United States.

Taitz Explains her $20,000 fine