There has been a terrible accident at a popular tourist spot in China. A hot air balloon, carrying 7 people, has exploded and crashed. On board were 5 Dutch tourists and 2 balloon pilots. Sadly, 4 of the tourists were killed and 3 others were injured. You can read more about the hot air balloon accident below and watch a video.

Hot Air Balloon Explodes in China

The group of Dutch tourists were taking a scenic hot air balloon ride in China’s southern province of Guangxi. Both foreign and local tourists are attracted to Yangshuo County, which is widely known for its breathtaking scenery, sightseeing and rock climbing. According to Chinese State TV, the hot air balloon exploded as it was preparing to land.

Commericial ballooning in China has been available about six years now and is one of the more expensive ways to see China’s beautiful scenery including a unique bird’s-eye-view of the centuries old, traditional ways of the chinese people living in rural areas.

The group of five Dutch tourists sightseeing for the day with their two balloon pilots had been up in the air about an hour. As the hot air balloon was preparing to land, it apparently developed a gas leak, caught fire, then crashed to the ground from a height of about 3 miles in the air.

Two Dutch men and two women were killed. A fifth Dutch tourist was slightly injured, along with the two pilots. The pilots had jumped from the basket as the balloon fell to Earth, reducing their injuries – how, I have no idea.

If you would like to watch the actual video of this Hot Air Balloon exploding, you can see it here. We have an additional video of a hot air balloon exploding below.

Hot Air Balloon Explodes Video