Irene Vilar is a success literary agent. She is also an abortion addict. She says she’s had 15 abortions in 17 years. And yes, she describes these experiences in a new book called ‘Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict’. You can read more below, see photos, and a video.

Irene Vilar

Her 15 pregnancies and abortions began at the age of 16 and ended when she was 33 – you can also throw in several suicide attempts during this time period as well. She said she had these many abortions not from poverty or fear or rape or incest but out of rebellion to a ‘controlling’ former husband who said he didn’t ever want kids. For those of us who are unashamedly pro-life, Irene Vilar and her abortion addiction only underscores the fact that abortion itself is not only painfully selfish, but it is a very sad story for women and for those who love them and want them to thrive.

There is no doubt that Irene Vilar’s early life impacted her decision to become an abortion addict – choosing to terminate 15 pregnancies. In 1954, Irene’s grandmother was the Puerto Rican nationalist who was in prison for 25 years for bringing a gun into the U.S. Capitol. She was pardoned in ’79 by Jimmy Carter. Irene was only 8 years old when her mom killed herself by jumping from the moving car that Irene’s dad was driving. Irene was in the backseat and tried to hold her mom back for doing this. Can you only imagine what that did to her? Both of Irene’s brothers later became heroin addicts. Surely a background like this can lead to behaviors that are random and disjointed, highly destructive, and certainly attention-seeking. But does it rise to the level of 15 abortions? For me, that represents 15 children.

Irene, now age 40, says that with the release of her book just yesterday, she has been bombarded with “a torrent of attacks from anti-abortion activists on the internet, including death threats and demands for her to be jailed”.

“I am worried about my safety and the hate mail. I just imagine the “baby killer” stuff and I could be a poster child for that kind of fundamentalism.”

“Women have written memoirs about their anorexia or their bulimia, and they explain the best that they can what motivated their addiction or their behaviour. I try to do the same in this book.”

We know there are extremists on both sides of the abortion issue but that is incredibly incendiary don’t you think? It seems a bit late to be concerned that your message might become twisted or be misunderstood when you write a book with such a startling confession. In fact, I’m not really sure why she even wanted to make this information public.

And now that Irene Vilar has remarried and is raising 2 daughters, ages 5 and 3, she says:

“Motherhood has made me feel accountable,’ she said. ‘It hasn’t made me less pro-choice. It’s just that I understand and feel the weight of the privilege we have in exercising our right to choose.”

Really? I have such a conflict with that because one’s “right to choose” is predicated on someone else being killed.

I wish Irene Vilar a wonderful life with her husband and children. It is, however, my opinion that the killing of pre-born children is an ugly and very sad part of life in our country today and those of us who are pro-life should not be afraid to speak out against it – even in the face of great ridicule.

According to reports, Irene Vilar, the abortion addict, had her manuscript for ‘Impossible Motherhood’ rejected 51 times, before finally being published by Other Press. You can see photos of Irene Vilar below and watch a great video that went viral a few months back about a twelve year old speaking out against abortion for a classroom project.

Irene Vilar 1 Irene Vilar 2 Irene Vilar 3

photos: irene vilar