It appears that Barack Obama sold out Poland for nothing. In spite of his preemptively giving in to Russia and promising to not use a missile shield to protect Poland and the Czech Republic, Vladimir Putin is saying no to sanctions on Iran. After all, how can we be absolutely 100% certain they are going to nuke us! Let’s just wait and see before we do anything.

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It seems the only preventative measures the United States can take against our enemies anymore is to give Russia whatever they want, whenever they want it. Then, when the Obama Administration gives them what they want, the Russians ask for more. That would have been perfectly predictable for those of us who pay attention to foreign affairs and aren’t immersed in the naivete of Marxism and the delusions of narcissism.

I guess it all started when Hillary Clinton went to Russia on her first trip there as Secretary of State. The most revered diplomat in the United States misspelled the Russian word for ‘reset’ on that infamous ‘reset button‘ she gave the Russians.

That was the high point in our relationship with Russia since Obama took office.

The Russians were the first to throw down a gauntlet when Obama ascended to the Presidency of the United States. Then there was Obama’s visit to Moscow. He was not welcomed with the grandeur he’s become accustomed to, Russians didn’t shake his hand and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spared him all of about 15 minutes. I strongly suspect that it took the savvy Putin about five seconds to size up Obama. He didn’t need more time than that to understand the empty suit that sat in front of him. From that point on, the Russians have been in control of our relationship with them. Putin didn’t bother meeting with Hillary Clinton at all. He left town.

Obama has relinquished more and more control of America and our position in the world to the Russians. He’s promised to quit protecting Poland and the Czech Republic. He’s offered to disarm the United States. He’s even offered to allow Russians to inspect America’s nuclear facilities. The naivete is staggering unless one thinks that he’s intentionally trying to turn the United States into a Third World Country. I don’t know which it is. I hope it’s the former rather than the latter. It’s just hard to believe someone is THAT clueless.

It’s hard to know whether to worry or not about all the power that Obama is giving away. He’s not known for keeping his promises. But making these promises to our enemies is making this a decidedly more dangerous world.

It seems that in spite of all the overtures to Russia, Hillary Clinton’s recent meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have been an epic fail for the Obama Administration. No only did they get everything they want from us, they are giving us absolutely NOTHING in return. Vladamir Putin not only said there would be no sanctions on Iran, he said there would be not threat of sanctions on Iran. As could be predicted, Clinton immediately capitulated. My goodness, we are surrendering faster than France these days!

It seems Obama sold out Poland for nothing. Absolutely nothing. The question that we are left with is how much more American power will Obama surrender before he realizes he’s being played.

Vladimir Putin, No Sanctions on Iran – Video