A new Michelle Obama action-figure doll is going on the market just in time for Christmas! I know you’ll be beating down the doors of whatever exclusive shops will be carrying this must-have item!

michelle obama action figure

Michelle Obama Action-Figure Doll!

Not one, not two but three different dolls in three of the First Lady’s fashion statements will be on store shelves soon. The doll is being released by Jason Feinberg of Jailbreak Toys and will be in the stores next month. November 15th to be exact. The retail price will be $12.99 and the doll makers are expecting it to be a huge Christmas item. They expect it to outsell the Barack Obama action figure that came out earlier in the year.

The doll is designed to show off Mrs. Obama’s ‘toned arms and fashion sense’. You know, the fashion sense we keep being told she has so much of. That’s the fashion sense that goes along with her other worldly, unbelievable, drop-dead gorgeous, fabulous and just plain most fantastically wonderfully awe-inspiring beauty in the whole wide world.

The action-figure comes with three different dress designs, all designed to show off her toned arms. There’s the purple dress she wore when she and her husband shared their first public fist-bump. This ensemble comes complete with a dominatrix black belt with medal studs. Yes, we all remember how magnificently fan-tabulous she looked that night.

Another one of the dresses is none other than the red and black number she wore on election night. The night Obama was declared to be the next President of the United States. I fondly think of that dress as her black spider dress. You remember, the one that looked like someone had splashed red paint over Michelle Obama’s torso. The action-figure doll doesn’t have her ever present cardigan though. That’s because the doll designer wants to make sure the doll shows off her fabulously toned arms.

The third dress is the black and white floral that she wore when she appeared on ‘The View’. That one is actually not bad. That along with her hair style and make-up at the time gave her a softer appearance. It appeared, at least for that moment, that her stylists had finally found a style that softened her up a bit. Unfortunately, they appear to still be looking for ‘her style’, aside from her signature cardigans, of course.

Dollmaker Feinberg gushes that the Michelle Obama doll is ‘classy’, just like she is. He also waxes on about how the entire world is enraptured with the beauty, individuality and class of the First Lady and therefore he should be able to make a mint off selling this doll. He didn’t really say the last part, but he did say he expects it to outsell the Barack Obama doll, which sold approximately 200,000.

The Obamas had strenuously objected when Ty, Inc. released dolls based on the Obama children, Sasha and Malia. They didn’t at all like the idea of anyone else marketing their children. That idea had to be ditched under pressure from the White House. In this instance though, the White House has declined comment on the Michelle Obama action-figure doll!