Today is the much vaunted final vote in the Senate Finance Committee that will determine what the final Senate health-care reform bill will look like. However, some key Democrats are still concerned with some of the provisions of the bill and the outcome is not certain.

Right now there is a 13-10 split of Democrats v. Republicans, so the GOP only needs 3 defectors to stop this bill. The key Democrats to watch are Lincoln (Ark), Rockefeller (W-VA) and Wyden (Or). They are the 3 that seemed to be the most concerned with the financials of the deal. Most pundits expect a party line vote, but I’m not sure, I could see Rockefeller for sure flipping.

Also, keep an eye on Sen. Snow (R-Maine), she is considered a Republican (RINO) fence sitter. If she voted for this compromise deal that might give you an indication of where she is sitting right now.

All in all I find it mighty suspicious that the media isn’t making a bigger deal out of this vote today then it is. In fact, I’m not sure if any final bill version has even been released yet, but I’d sure like to take a look at it. I will be going over it with a fine tooth comb, it’s sure to be a doosey.

In any even, please join us today as we provide live coverage of the Senate hearings below:

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