Yeah yeah, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, who cares. The real news today is that Marge Simpson will grace the cover of Playboy in November (you can see the cover here). D’oh!

Apparently Marge is the first cartoon to appear on Playboy’s cover. This I don’t get. I mean, if you are going to put a cartoon on the cover of Playboy you have to go with Jessica Rabbit or Lara Croft, but Marge freaking Simpson? Homer’s wife now joins the illustrious ranks of Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford, what is the world coming to (not that I know this from experience, I’m a pure articles kind of guy).

The Simpsons, which is televisions longest running comedy, is about to celebrate it’s 20th season on Fox, it’s hard to believe they’ve been around so long. When I was a kid my mom forbade me from watching the Simpsons as it was crude and not appropriate for kids. So, of course, that made me want to watch it even more and I spent a lot of time watching the Simpsons over the years. I often say that there is no situation in life that cannot be related to an episode of the Simpsons, which now includes Playboy magazine.

So, if Marge Simpson is going to appear on the cover of Playboy, does that make her a MILF? Man, I know I’m going to get into too much trouble for even writing that.

Marge Simpson