President Barack Obama wins the Nobel Prize? You heard it here first. In their infinite wisdom the Nobel Peace Prize Committee voted one of the more laughable awards in recent memory. See the video and read the story.

obama nobel prize

At a time when the world is a more dangerous place and the president appears disengaged with foreign affairs, the Norwegians have done it again. First Al Gore, then Jimmy Carter, and now Barack Obama. Nobel peace prizes gone wild!

Ostensibly, the Obama Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Read all about it here and here and here.

Laughably, Barack Obama was nominated for the award in February 2009, just two weeks into his presidency. The voting occurred in June, just four months into the Obama era.

And as Saturday Night Live spoofed so well last week, Barack Obama has done virtually nothing in his presidency even today. Obama had done nothing tangible that anyone is aware of and nothing specific that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee could cite.

Indeed the world is a far more dangerous place since he took office. Whether that is his fault or bad luck, the facts speak for themselves.

Iran is saber-rattling again, apparently taking advantage of the young president just like the Soviet Union exploited Kennedy. North Korea is firing missiles over Japan. There is no progress in Lebanon or among the Palestinian peoples. Eastern Europe feels more threatened now, while Russia and China are emboldened.

The United States remains embroiled in two foreign wars, with a proposal on the table to deepen our involvement in the Afghanistan operation. Iraq is now peaceful but that is due to George Bush policies. Barack Obama argued for a pullout, uncaring about the bloody revolution that would have followed in Iraq.

Where is the peace, Obama?

Your thoughts on the Obama Nobel Peace Prize are anxiously awaited. Tell us what you think in the comments, and meanwhile we will embed the video ourselves and find a transcript of the pranksters.

Obama Nobel Peace Prize Video