My attention span is not sufficient enough right now for me to opine with any depth on the important issues of the day. The following, most likely useless, quick hits will have to suffice for now.

Check out the LA Times article on Obama that alleges he took undeserved credit for some housing project initiative. This is exhibit #1 illustrating how the Clinton machine will keep him in check until they name him as veep. Of course, he will then be the best thing since the invention of pizza. Since I am the only blogger on the blogosphere who can not do links correctly, you will have to find it for yourself. I know, life is hard.

Hilliary Clinton really looks unnerved when she is questioned about her vote on the war. She really has no choice but to straddle the fence without admitting making a mistake. Any admission of a mistake will hurt her later on in the general election. Not admitting to a mistake now may hurt her chances in the primaries. IMO – she will get by with her nuanced position even if she can’t pull it off without looking awkward. Her husband never had this problem. President Clinton could be on three sides of a two sided issue and make you believe he was sincere. Hilliary’s repertoire does not include this skill.

Battlestar Galatica is a great show. If you have not seen it, check it out. Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy both stink. Even my wife has stopped watching.

John McCain is all over the map right now and that is typical. He has never shown any consistency to his beliefs and appears to be more than willing to surrender them in order to win the nomination. He has no chance, with all regrets to our McCain.

Rudy is the right man for these times. His views mirror the views of many in the country. My sincere apologies to social conservatives who I know do not believe this for one second.

It will still be tough for any GOP candidate to win in 08. GWB’s misadventures in Iraq have wounded the GOP more than they are willing to admit. The first part of fixing a problem is too admit that you have one. Many (although not all) in the GOP are still in the denial phase.

Why does John Edwards bother?

Are we really shocked that Al Qaeda is rebuilding their capabilities to reek destruction upon the United States and our allies? A day of true reckoning will come and it will make Iraq look like a tea party. I hope and pray that I am wrong.

Now tell the truth. How many of you were happy that I took a prolonged sabatical and wished that I never returned?

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