Oops! The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has apparently decided to pull their latest TV commercial on health care reform at the request of former Senator Bob Dole (R-KS). Dole complained to the White House that the ad was deceptive and the healthcare ad was pulled within hours. You can watch a video of the DNC Healthcare ad below.

Bob Dole

Now this is interesting: A DNC spokesman said as soon as Senator Bob Dole complained to the powers that be in Washington, that the new DNC Healthcare Ad was deceptive, the DNC “immediately” agreed to pull it. The DNC ad rolled out such annoyingly notably moderate GOP’ers as Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bill Frist, Tommy Thompson, and of course Bob Dole himself. Now why did they do that? You can watch the DNC Healthcare ad video below.

It’s pretty clear that the DNC pulled their latest healthcare ad within hours of Bob Dole complaining about it because they are beyond desperate to give the appearance that their feckless healthcare reform plan has the backing of prominent Republicans; that it’s “bi-partisan”. This is critical because the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on it’s version of the legislation this week.

Senator Bob Dole objects to the new DNC healthcare ad because it mistakenly listed him among prominent Republicans who supposedly support The One’s health care reform. The ad itself was completely unauthorized by Dole. And while Dole supports bi-partisan healthcare reform, his spokesman said the ad was “deceptive” because it strongly suggested Dole was supporting the Democrats’ health care legislation. Bob Dole’s spokesman, mincing no words, said “That is patently false”.

So, what we have here is just more lies from Democrats. They stupidly think that if a few moderate-to-rino Republicans “support” the bloated, cumbersome healthcare plan, the American people will swallow this bitter pill a wee bit easier. Um… I don’t think so.

Nobel Laureate and citizen of the world, Barack Obama, totally “leads” by stagecraft and simply wants to present an illusion of consensus where none exists. As Bob Dole says the DNC healthcare ad was deceptive. It seems the Democrats will do anything for “a win” won’t they? Sadly, this is becoming par for the course for the incompetent Obama administration. You can watch below the DNC Healthcare Ad video below.