Who doesn’t love capitalism? Wait, I forgot, liberals don’t. Well then who doesn’t love the ingenuity that capitalism breeds? A Canadian man named David Morrill has listed his X-Box 360 on eBay for the whopping price of $1.1 million dollars. What’s the catch? It’s been signed by Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin 850

I’m a fan of both the X-Box 360 and Sarah Palin so this is a natural match that only a conservative gamer could love. I will however be the first to admit that the $1.1 million dollar price tag is a bit much.

The thing is somebody out there with deep pockets could by this X-Box just to rile up a bunch of liberals. If I had a couple hundred thousand dollars lying around I’d bid on the thing. (Where are you at McCain?) Don’t forget the Harry Reid letter incident.

David Morrill had previously listed the X-Box 360 signed by Sarah Palin three times before but had the listing booted off for listing violations. Yes, there are rules when you want to list an item on eBay, especially an item for $1.1 million dollars.

Apparently living in Alberta, Canada hasn’t hurt Mr. Morrill’s sense of being a capitalist. Some (on the left) would call it greed. I call it having a sense of opportunity; David Morrill has an opportunity set before him and he’s going for it.

The X-Box 360 was apparently signed by Governor Sarah Palin at a picnic in Wasilla, Alaska back in July, after she resigned from office.
It’s an 8 day listing with currently no bids. But if you know anything about eBay, you already realize that the bidding usually doesn’t start until the end. Good luck Mr. Morrill, I hope you make a killing.

You can see the actual picture of the X-Box 360 signed by Sarah Palin here, and the actual eBay listing.

Photos: Photos: www.wenn.com