Straight from England, here are the teacup pigs which are reminding people of President Obama for some reason. See the cute video here of these miniature pigs and tell us what you think.

teacup pigs

Some people find Obama’s likeness in toast while others see him in pigs. Right Pundits refuses to take sides between such warring factions but we feel compelled to present and debunk the comparison as best we understand it.

Teacup pigs derive their name from the fact that they are born the size of a teacup and were bred by a farmer who understands marketing. They eventually grow to about 60 pounds and about one foot long. They say the pigs make great pets and act like lapdogs, umm, lap-pigs if you will.

You can read about these remarkable creatures here and here and here.

So what about the interesting comparisons?

Like Obama, teacup pigs are of dubious foreign pedigree. The president’s ally cat father was from Kenya while the pigs’ fathers from England. Unlike Obama, the pigs are able to produce birth certificate papers so the comparison fails miserably on this account. And they knew their fathers. And while Obama wrote of his father in a book, the pigs have thus far been only able to produce video.

Teacup pigs are the product of a marketing effort by smart local handlers in Devon England, a far cry from Chicago. For eight years the pigs were bred smaller and smaller, away from their original form as local rabble, and in the President’s case, as a radical community organizer for the now-disgraced ACORN organization. A key difference is the pigs have gone from mainstream to unusual while Obama has gone from radical to almost mainstream, so the comparison fails again.

Like BO, the pigs have exploded on the scene, electrifying audiences with their cuteness. Who can listen to an Obama speech without getting chills up and down a leg? Who can watch the teacup pig video without getting an equal sense of bow-wow. It is true that both the mini pigs and Obama (recently) have diminished in stature, but to debunk this comparison one must simply note that the pigs will not be a flash in the pan. We expect the mounting sales orders to interest the public for years and generations from today. Meanwhile you-know-who’s poll numbers have gone from 70% to 48% in eight months.

Now that we have dubunked the mythology, see the teacup pig video and tell us your own feelings on this topic, or any other of your choosing.