Bertha Lewis, ACORN Chief Executive Officer, spoke to reports at the National Press Club on Tuesday about her scandal ridden organization. In particular, she spoke about the videos that have been made of her employees assisting undercover journalism students in tax evasion, prostitution and any number of other criminal activities. The ACORN leader says the videos ‘made my stomach turn’.

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Bertha Lewis

Did you see Bertha Lewis, the CEO of ACORN speak to the National Press Club on Tuesday, October 6, 2009? She was there to speak about the internal investigation they have been doing on corruption allegations against the organization. I watched it and was a little perplexed at what her family history and desire to be an actress had to do with the video tapes of her employees advising and encouraging underage prostitution. However, she did at one point address the issue of the now infamous videos made by independent filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles at ACORN offices in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Brooklyn, New York and San Bernadino, California.

After talking about herself for most of her speech, she addressed the videos. She first defended her organization’s attempts to register and ‘get out the vote’. That is a scandal that has been hanging over their heads for a while and resulted in Congress withdrawing funds from ACORN. All of the accusations that ACORN has committed and participated in voter fraud is completely false, she says. She also addressed the embezzlement charges. It has been reported this week that $5 million has been embezzled rather than the $1 million that was initially reported. She says that is a complete fabrication.

Interestingly, she blamed ‘the previous administration’ for all the problems she’s having to address. She says she’s cleaning up a mess that was left to her. Sound familiar?

She then addressed the videos and said they ‘made my stomach turn’. I bet it did! She went on to say that she had fired the employees in the videos who were caught on tape encouraging and participating in tax fraud, money laundering, prostitution and transporting minors across state and country lines for the purposes of prostitution (have I left anything out?).

Of course, she went on to say that the actions of O’Keefe and Giles was illegal and they should be held accountable for making the recordings with a hidden camera and without the knowledge of those being videotaped. She claimed the videos were ‘highly edited’. I’m not at all sure how you edit someone advising you to take your underage prostitutes to Mexico to avoid prosecution or to claim them as dependents so that you can conceal the fact you are their pimp, but hey, whatever defense she can use to try to salvage her sinking organization.

The video tapes are just the latest in a series of ACORN scandals. With their most famous son becoming President of the United States, the organization moved from obscure to front and center. The more publicity it has gotten, the more questions have been raised as to why they are being funded by tax dollars and how deep does the corruption in the organization go.

If today’s presser was any indication as to how Bertha Lewis plans to handle the public relations for ACORN and her defense of the numerous scandals her agency faces, then I think ACORN’s days might be numbered.

Don’t worry though. If ACORN goes down, there are dozens if not hundreds of organizations ready to step up to the plate and replace them and be just as underhanded and corrupt to get whatever job needs doing. For the right price.

Bertha Lewis – Video