A Muslim Soccer team has decided that principles are more important than some silly ol’ soccer game. Creteil Bebel a mostly Muslim soccer team has decided not to play in a scheduled match against a French gay soccer team on moral grounds. Players for Paris Foot Gay are suing for homophobia. I didn’t know you could sue someone for being homophobic.

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The Paris Foot Gay soccer team received an e-mail on Tuesday from Creteil Bebel, the Muslim team, which said that because they are devout Muslims and have principles they wouldn’t take the same field as the Paris Foot Gay team which was founded to fight against homophobia.

According to some reports, homophobia is rampant in the poor suburbs of Paris; this is the express reason that Paris Foot Gay was established. First of all I didn’t realize that homophobia was confined to a specific geographical region. I thought all conservatives were homophobes. Last time I checked all conservatives aren’t living in the same neighborhood.

Secondly it appears to me that Paris Foot Gay is not interested in combating homophobia as such, but are more interested in the in your face type of confrontations ala the militant gay movement. Why else have a soccer team named Paris Foot Gay and play your games in a part of town known for such attitudes?

Now as for the Muslim team who snubbed the gay team, it’s a pretty lame excuse to say that principles are keeping you from playing against a gay soccer team. Seems like if anything you’d want to go and kick the crap out of the gay guys, you know just to prove your manliness. Now all you have for your trouble is a possible lawsuit for being homophobic. But to each his own I always say.

The founder of the gay soccer team says that he was shocked, shocked I tell you at the openness of their prejudice. He said, “It is as if they find it normal to be homophobes,” hey genius they’re Muslims; it is normal to be homophobic.

In Breitbarts account of the story, a spokesperson for the Muslim soccer team Creteil Bebel told a French radio station that he apologized if “anyone felt upset or hurt”. Oh, is that all you have to do? Well in that case I apologize in advance if anyone who reads this feels upset or hurt.

There is no word if anyone on either team exuded characteristics of Islamophobia. Barney Frank has yet to comment.

I think the video below is against homophobia, I could be wrong though.