Here is the Saturday Night Live video that is going viral around the web. According to SNL, Obama accomplishments so far are ‘jack’ and ‘squat’ echoing what many political pundits are concluding recently.

obama accomplishments

With a veto proof majority in the Senate, and overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, Barack Obama should be able to remake the country in his own image. One of the problems, of course, is he appears not to have any core values that allow him to passionately argue for one side of an issue or another. He is passionate about delivering campaign slogans like hope and change, of course, but appears to be ill-prepared and even disinterested in leading.

That is the problem with someone who dreamed about becoming president since kindergarten but lacks a vision. Obama appears to have no core image of himself, a conclusion at the root of Fred Armisen’s acting portrayal of President Obama in the SNL skit.

So finally on Saturday Night Live, the comedic art imitated life in a way that people find real. The video is going viral on the internet causing liberals to shake and conservatives to fall off their chairs in hysterics. Liberals are so concerned that incredibly, CNN “fact checked” the comedic skit. Read more here and here and here.

The reason is simple. There is always an element of truth in good comedy, and the greater art approaches reality the greater is the impact. In a two minute segment, the SNL Obama video captured the essence of Obama as many see him, a nice man without a rudder and without an innate ability to get anything done.

The SNL video starts with faux-congratulations from Obama to Brazil for winning the Olympics, a failing by the president that has become synonymous in the past week with Obama’s lack of clout. It continues with health care reform, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, cash for clunkers, unemployment, and more. SNL concludes that Obama has two big accomplishments: ‘jack’ and ‘squat’.

See the SNL – Obama accomplishments video below and tell us what you think.

(Obama SNL Video)

(CNN Fact-Checks Obama SNL Skit)