Shroud Turin

Shroud of Turin

This seems to be the interesting, apparently some Italian scientists some place thought they’d waste a bunch of money trying to re-create the Famous Shroud of Turin. For those not familiar, the Shroud of Turin (pictured above) reports to be burial shroud that covered Jesus Christ when He was buried. As a result of a miraculous transformation, the Shroud bears His likeness and has been a source of inspiration to Christians world-wide.

So, of course, some one with way too much time used the magic of science to reproduce the Shroud in order to prove that these silly Christians have been deluded for millennia. In actuality, they didn’t really prove anything. They merely proved they could re-create something that looks somewhat familiar to the original. One of the main scientists of the project stated:

“We have shown that is possible to reproduce something which has the same characteristics as the Shroud,” Luigi Garlaschelli

Right, so you have reproduced something that has the same characteristics, bully for you, but what exactly have you proved? Have you proved it’s a fake? No, merely proved that science can make something that looks like something else. Does this strike anyone else as a big waste of time? Don’t we have cancer, AIDS, desertification and other problems to worry about, why are we worrying about silliness like this (although admittedly it makes a good blog post, so maybe I shouldn’t harp to loudly).

I’m not a big relics guy, I’m not Catholic, so I don’t know what to make of these various relics that pop up here and there, particularly ones that seem to possess miraculous healing properties, etc. I tend to be rather skeptical, but not so closed-minded as to completely discount such things. So, I don’t know whether the Shroud of Turin is real, fake, hoax, etc. I do know, one way or another, it’s not really going to affect my life. If people want to believe that it’s real, if the Shroud enhances their faith, which inspires them to be a source of good in the world, it doesn’t matter to me. I believe in some odd-ball things that people probably think are whacky and I get annoyed when they try to “prove” to me that my beliefs are false. Beliefs, particularly ones of a religious matter, are based upon faith, thus they can’t be proved or disproved, they shouldn’t be. The power to do good, sometimes, comes from the actual faith, not the knowledge.

I think the judge from the Simpson’s got it right when he issued a TRO against science to stay at least 100 yards from religion at all times, there is just no purpose in these kinds of things. Next week, Evolution v. Creationism . . . GO!

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