Former Judge Herman Thomas is being accused of spanking inmates as well as exchanging softer sentences for sexual favors in his chambers. Herman Thomas, once an Alabama circuit court judge, now has his life and his reputation on the line. Thomas denies all the charges against him saying that he was only trying to “mentor” the inmates he spent time with. That kind of mentoring I can do without.

judge herman thomas mugshot

Judge Herman Thomas is being accused of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations. He could possibly receive life in prison if convicted of his alleged crimes. The charges against Herman Thomas have accumulated since 1999, finally forcing the once rising star to resign in 2007.

The first charge came in a lawsuit filed in 2001 in which an inmate claimed that Thomas agreed to help him with his sentence in exchange for sex. The lawsuit was tossed out, but the allegations continued to mount.

Investigators started to look into Herman Thomas when he began to take over cases being handled by other judges without their knowledge or approval. Talk about the long arm of the law; inmates described literal spankings being doled out by the good judge as well as clandestine meetings in his car and even his office at the courthouse. Use your imagination if you dare.

As if this case wasn’t sleazy enough, the NAACP has decided to take it to a whole new sub-level of depravity by claiming racism. Never mind the fact that all the inmates involved are African-American as well. Leave it to the NAACP.

Despite pleading his innocence, Herman Thomas does have mounting evidence against him such as one inmates seminal fluid (that’s tough to type) on the office carpet as well as being able to describe his office in detail; not to mention the marks that a paddling might leave on a bare bottom.

The story of Judge Herman Thomas gets even better. Back in his second term as President, Bill Clinton came this close to nominating Herman Thomas to the federal bench. He would have been the first black federal judge appointed to the southern district of Alabama.