Stanley McChrystal

Gen. McChrystal

This just in, our leftist, anti-miltary president apparently isn’t so happy with Gen. McChrystal’s speech given in London last week:

According to sources close to the administration, Gen McChrystal shocked and angered presidential advisers with the bluntness of a speech given in London last week.
The next day he was summoned to an awkward 25-minute face-to-face meeting on board Air Force One on the tarmac in Copenhagen, where the president had arrived to tout Chicago’s unsuccessful Olympic bid.

First, Obama has placed McChrystal in an impossible situation. Remember, according to Obama Afghanistan was the “good” war. This was the war we had to win, Iraq not so much. So, he replaces the old command and puts McChrystal in charge so we can win this “good” war. When McChrystal says we can’t do it without more troops and then is pretty much ignored by the administration (who has met with him in person just once prior to this weekend), can you blame the General for getting frustrated?

On the one hand it is unusual for military commanders to go the public route and try to garner popular support. On the other hand, it’s clear this White House has no gumption for fighting this war and they are looking for a way out. They very well may use McChrystal as the scapegoat they are looking for. However, it is entirely likely that McChrystal could resign if he can’t in good conscience live with whatever it is the administration decides to do.

Before we get carried away, this is not insubordination. Some on the left are comparing this to when Pres. Truman had to cashier Gen. MacArthur when MacArthur challenged the President’s authority in the Korean war. This is not even close to that. Yes, McChrystal may not have taken the most tact that he could have, but that isn’t really his schtick, he is a military commander. It’s clear that he is not too happy right now, he waited for weeks and weeks for some acknowledgment from the White House, who then kicked the can down the road and essentially told McChrystal that they’ll deal with it when they get to it. Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your Copenhagen trips and date nights with your wife. You can’t vote present on this one Obama.

As we all know, Obama is the master bus-driver. This wouldn’t be the first general whom has been run over by the big Obama bus. As noted by Gateway Pundit, Obama essentially did the same thing to Gen. David Patraeus in Iraq. Whereas Bush relied heavily on Petraeus in National Security Briefings, Obama has basically pushed him aside.

I understand politics, I live this stuff. However, Obama’s handling of international affairs in general, and how to fight the war in Afghanistan in particular, stinks to high heaven. Our troops lives are not worth playing stupid political games with so you might pick up an extra seat or two in the House.

Lest we forget where Obama really stands on these matters:

Obama on the Surge