You just gotta love the Irish. In a complete 180 from a little over a year ago, Ireland voted to approve the Lisbon Treaty by a 67% majority. The Lisbon Treaty essentially paves the way for a European President, which is of course a slippery slope to vanquishing the sovereignty of all EU member Nations. Only two countries remain as roadblocks to the Lisbon Treaty being ratified, The Czech Republic and Poland. Hmmm….those missile defense shields are looking pretty good right about now, aren’t they?

337px EU Insigna.svg

If the Lisbon Treaty is enacted, the European Union would then have its first full time president. Maybe Obama would like the job, all he would need to do is resign his post here, move to Europe for a few months and allow Ahmadinejad to take care of the two nations standing in the way. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

The Prime Minister of Ireland Brian Cowan said in a statement after the election, “Today we have shown the other countries of Europe that we stand with them in moving toward a better future,”; Bowen has been under a lot of pressure in Ireland trying to govern in a country that has been hit particularly hard by the global recession.

In fact the global recession and Ireland’s economic troubles seem to be what brought about the total change of heart towards the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish are not feeling as spry about their own sovereignty and ability to manage for themselves anymore.

Interviews taken outside of polling places all over Ireland reveal that sentiment; people are worried about their kids futures, and they feel that the only way to survive is to be “part” of something rather than be something all on their own.

This feeling is very similar to how the liberals in this country want us to feel so that we will “give in” to this one world government mentality. I only wish the Irish had been made to understand that their sovereignty and uniqueness is what will bring them out of their current doldrums. Not increasing the power of a government entity which uses things like the promise of fixing economic problems as an object of blackmail to gain power.

The Lisbon Treaty was signed in 2007 by European leaders but will not be totally enacted until all 27 member nations have ratified the treaty. Ireland had the power on Friday to kill it forever; they chose to take the path of least resistance. We can only hope that Poland and The Czech Republic won’t cave as well.