Brazil is still celebrating being the picked to host the 2016 Olympic Games and they will be the first South American country to have that honor. Twitter is all atwitter as Brazil mocks Barack with ‘Yes We Créu’. Obviously, a take off from his campaign slogan of ‘Yes We Can’, but this has a totally different meaning.

brazil yes we creu

Yes We Créu Poster
Mussum overcame Obamis

‘Yes We Créu’ is the hot search on twitter during the night as Brazilians continue to celebrate their victory by having Rio de Janeiro picked to host the Olympic games of 2016. Who can blame them? The Obamas and Oprah spent a lot of political capital and a million dollars to fly two jumbo jets to Copenhagen to convince the Olympic Committee that the crime capitial of the United States should host the games. The committee said, ‘uuhhh, no’ and awarded the games to Rio. Olé!

As Barack and Michelle Obama return to the United States with their tails between their legs, facing public and political humiliation and Oprah is in tears, the Brazilians are having a lot of fun poking fun at the Commander in Chief of the United States.

That would be the icing on the cake for the Obamas under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, arrogance doesn’t usually notice ridicule and when it does it rationalizes it away as something else. Like ‘racism’. Oh no! Say it ain’t so! Problem is his followers can’t use that card this time. It just doesn’t cut it.

What to do? What to do? Oh, that’s easy, they’ll blame Bush and claim non-supporters are un-American! Great, back to the same o, same o.

So what is all this ‘Yes We Créu’ about? Well, from what I have read on Twitter and other places, it is similar to ‘yes we nail it’, but is funnier than that. It’s taken from the Brazilian funk musical style of MC Créu. ‘Yes We Créu’ can also mean something sexually explicit that I can’t write here but has a similar meaning to ‘nailing it’ and kind of sound like funk. If you get my drift. The man in the poster is a deceased Brazilian humorist, Mussum. So, in essence, Brazil mocks Barack.

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro!

You can see the Brazilian funk song Créu lyrics here.

Brazil Celebrates – Video