So by now everyone is aware that the big winner today of the 2016 Summer Olympic games is Rio de Janeiro. However, what exactly does this mean for President Obama?

This is the precise reason why Obama never should have gone to Copenhagen; it was a complete lose-lose situation. It was lose-lose because let’s just pretend that Obama goes, greases some palms and then Chicago wins the Olympic bid, what then? Well, then it looks like the only reason Chicago was chosen is because the President of the most powerful country in the world went over there and made sure the vote came out the right way. Given the fact that the IOC is the second most corrupt body in the world (behind the UN) no one would be surprised of charges of corruption.

However, since Chicago did not get the games now Obama just looks weak and impotent. He tried to use his “smart diplomacy” and wow the IOC with the force of his personality and was basically given the middle-finger. The fact that Chicago lost in the first round of voting is even more disgraceful. So, not only is Obama ineffectual, but he wastes a lot of money and time in the middle of a recession trying to talk to some folks who don’t really care for the U.S. in the first place. What was the end game?

However, what is even more hilarious is the reaction from from the left and the media. For instance, Glenn Thrush writes a particularly interesting (read idiotic) piece for Politico.

Bad day for USA. Good day for GOP?
Remember when Republicans accused Democrats of rooting against America?

Judging from the volume of exultant Tweets and press releases from Republicans today — you’d think they’d won a doubleheader, what with Chicago losing the Olympics and the unemployment numbers rising unexpectedly.

Within the first 45 minutes after the Labor Department announced a worse than expected Sept. jobless numbers, I received no fewer than eight GOP press releases blasting away at President Obama for failing to stem the tide of unemployment.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) literally hit the send button at 8:30 a.m., the moment the announcement of the 263,000 losses were announced: “As unemployment continues to climb, we are reminded yet again that wasteful government spending is not the solutions to what ails this economy.”

As noted by Ace, notice closely Thrush’s word usage here. Republicans accused Democrats of rooting against America, yet in this instance Republicans really are rooting against America. The proof? Well, don’t you trust the Left-Stream media?

The big difference between how the Right roots against Obama and how the left rooted against Bush is that, the left actually meant it. You had people like Minority leader Gephardt saying that “every 100 points the Dow drops, that’s another seat we pick up in the House” and Gary Kamiya saying that he wished the Iraqi’s had resisted harder and caused the Arab world to rise up because it would lead to the down-fall of President Bush faster.

This goes nothing to the scale of the difference between rooting against the Olympics (which the right doesn’t really care about one way or another) and rooting for higher casualties in a foreign war and the stock market to drop farther and farther. It’s hard to compare the two sentiments, in fact it’s asinine to even try.

Yes, politicians can be petty, what else is new? The difference is, Harry Reid declared about a year and a half ago that the war in Iraq was lost purely for political gain, that was beyond petty political differences, that was damn right foolish and borderline traitorous. Yeah, some of the GOP are happy today that the President failed so miserably, this uses up more of his political capital. But so what, in the end the Olympics are meaningless (there is doubt whether they actually even bring any economic benefit) and at least 50% of Chicagoans didn’t even want the games. What the Democrats did to Bush and the way they politicized Iraq and the troops was simply dangerous and many many Democrats I know personally confided that they did hope Iraq blew up because they knew it would lead to more Democrat victories.

Here is a great video:

Epic Obama Fail