I know that RightCelebrities has the story too, but I just couldn’t let this one go past for all you politicos who may not wonder over there. I’m not much into pop culture, but the self-destruction of Britney Spears over the last several years seems to keep getting worse and I guess it serves as a lesson to how far some people will go for fame – even to the point of collective pity by her (once) fans.

The video of her recent trip to a tatoo parlor showing off her new (lack of) locks is sort of like a car wreck: you feel guilty looking, but you can’t take your eyes off the spectacle. Of course, more revealing ‘bald’ shots are available elswhere on the web, from another of her public outings, but we are trying to keep this a somewhat family friendly site!

The ABC video link is here.

More at RightCelebrities at this link.