Here is the shocking video of the David Letterman extortion attempt which he made public on Thursday, October 1st 2009. In it he admits to sex with female staffers in various lurid affairs, apologizes and seeks forgiveness, sort of, from his adulating fans in the audience.

david letterman affairs

The problem for David Letterman’s affairs is not the sex itself or even the over-indulgent pseudo apology, but the hypocrisy instead. He has made a habit of excoriating public figures about their affairs over the years and now he is caught with his hand in the veritable cookie jar.

David Letterman has always struck me as a very unhappy man, coincidentally much like our current president who is also rumored to have a wandering winky tinky. You can see the strain in his face as he copes with life. Such is the case when men lead one life and pretend to lead another. He admits to affairs with various female staff members and yet he criticizes others for the same behavior. Such is not the recipe for inner peace and tranquility.

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Regardless of what Letterman thinks of himself, or what we think of his hypocrisy, more importantly to him is what CBS will think of powerful figures having sex with underlings. What is the policy of CBS on boss-employee sex? In most organizations the Dave Letterman affair(s) would get him fired on the spot. They made Walter Cronkite retire at 65 years of age regardless of popularity, but what is their policy on sex in the office? Is Letterman’s job safe?

What Letterman relayed on the show is interesting. As best we can tell he was approached by some man, presumably a former employee who knew what was going on behind the cameras. The heel threatened to write a screen-play and book about various David Letterman affairs in the office, asking for a payment of $2 million dollars to shut him up.

Letterman relates that he first went to his lawyer, and then local law enforcement, who apparently set up a sting operation. Letterman had a second, and then third meeting with the man, who then received a bogus $2 million check. He was arrested, says Letterman, for extortion.

Admitted Letterman about employees, “Yes I have [had sex]. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would. I feel like I need to protect these people. I need to certainly protect my family.”

See the extortion video below and tell us what you think.